Notulae Ornitologicae Columbianae 1

Post date: May 22, 2015 9:43:34 PM

Abstract — I conducted a full revision of the checklist of species/subspecies of Colombia to update its taxonomy and distribution in 2014. As part of this revision checked all taxa listed against BioMap database holdings, finding 34 subspecies not previously mentioned to occur in Colombia in the literature. Most of these taxa were collected near the borders with other countries; 18 of them in the Orinoco and Amazon regions, five in central northeastern Colombia, four in the southern Andean region and seven in the central and northwestern regions of the country. The continuous discoveries of new taxa in Colombia suggests that in years to come many more species/subspecies may be added to the list of the country as ornithological explorations in areas near its boundaries increase.

Keywords — new records; subspecies; Colombia; BioMap; museum specimens

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