Ortalis erythroptera


There are three records in DatAves from Choco and Antioquia, all corrupted information since this chachalaca just has been recorded nearby San Isidro close to the rio Mira in extreme southwestern Nariño by R. Strewe (Renjifo et al., 2015). We do not know of any other records. However, the map depicted by BirdLife International (2015) shows a zone of about 700 km2 some 25 km SEE from the actual point locality reported in Renjifo et al. (2002).

To elaborate a model of the potential distribution of this species we used the point locality reported by Renjifo et al. (2002) and the approximate geographical centre of the area depicted by BirdLife International (2015). The model obtained predicted a few pockets suitable in climatic terms for this chachalaca in the Caribbean coast; these areas are clearly not likely to be occupied by this species and were deleted from our final potential distribution map. This model is relatively limited because of the small amount of information used to produce it. Nevertheless, it shows a first approximation of the potential areas where this chachalaca may continue expanding its range into Colombia. In Ecuador and Peru this species reaches the slopes of the Andes, which suggests that if it continues expanding its range in Colombia it may spread further to the east from the areas in our model towards the Andes.


Regularized training gain is 4.412, training AUC is 0.999, unregularized training gain is 5.279.

Algorithm converged after 900 iterations (2 seconds).

The follow settings were used during the run:

2 presence records used for training.

10001 points used to determine the Maxent distribution (background points and presence points).

Environmental layers used (all continuous): bio10co bio11co bio12co bio13co bio14co bio15co bio16co bio17co bio18co bio19co bio1co bio2co bio3co bio4co bio5co bio6co bio7co bio8co bio9co

Regularization values: linear/quadratic/product: 1.000, categorical: 0.620, threshold: 1.980, hinge: 0.500

Feature types used: linear

responsecurves: true

jackknife: true

maximumiterations: 2000

'Equal Training Sensitivity and Specificity' and 'Equate Entropy of Thresholded and Original Distributions' thresholds and omission rates:


42.722-16.794-Cumulative threshold

0.551-0.079-Logistic threshold

0.002-0.012-Fractional predicted area

0-0-Training omission rate