Eriocnemis godini


Distribution not modelled.

This near-endemic species has been catalogued by BirdLife International (2016) as Critically Endangered (CR) because it has not been recorded since the 19th Century and is believed it has a very small range that has shrunk due to habitat loss. It is known from the type locality Guayabamba, Ecuador from where there are no more records, a few unknown localities in Ecuador, two 'Bogota skins' possibly collected somewhere near Pasto (BirdLife International 2016, BioMap 2016), and a last unconfirmed record in 1976 from Chillo Valley near Quito. It extent of occurrence has been estimated in 100 km2 (BirdLife International 2016). It may well not exist in Colombia and/or be already extinct. Some authors believe possibly it is not a valid taxon (Hilty & Brown 1986).