Curriculum Vitae


I am an individual passionate about nature, with excellent qualifications and extensive practical skills in Ornithology, GIS and Remote Sensing. Have considerable experience in project design and implementation. I am highly motivated and able to work unsupervised or within a team; and I am looking for a challenging position to continue developing my career as Biogeographer.


Volunteer, BTO 05/2018 – present

  • Obtained a Trainee (T) permit and began ringing retraining with Mr Phil J. Belman to participate in the UK Ringing Scheme.
  • Attended the 2018 Oxwich Ringing Course (7-10 September) in Oxwich Marsh, Swansea, Wales.

Research director, Atlas of the Birds of Colombia 01/2015 – present

  • Revised, updated and published online a new version of the list of the birds of Colombia in January 2015.
  • Launched the online site in January 2015 and established a Facebook webpage to extend knowledge of the project to a broader audience.
  • Began mapping the distribution of the avian taxa known to occur in Colombia at subspecies level and since then have elaborated habitat suitability models and published online maps and notes on the families Tinamidae (17), Cracidae (25), Odontophoridae (10) and Trochilidae (163); embracing a total of 215 species.
  • Have published four papers on several topics related to Colombian ornithology in the site blog Notulae Ornitologicae Columbianae.

Volunteer, RSPB 11/2017 – 07/2018

  • Conducted a small pilot study to classify sub-vegetation types within the heathland habitat at Frensham Common (Surrey).
  • Planned with line manager pending visits to several heathland habitat areas to collect ground truthing points to conduct further classifications of the heathland habitat in the southeastern region of the UK.
  • Input ‘breeding waders off reserves’ data from the North Kent Marshes in Merlin (RSPB own GIS system) for the year 2017.

Associate Editor, ProAves Foundation 05/2013 – 07/2013

  • Revised ProAves Excel database on threatened birds of Colombia updating it to the information made available by the IUCN 2013 and completed several new plots and analyses of the information. Later updated to 2014 data.
  • Edited the texts of the document “Estado de las aves de Colombia” with the new information analysed, which was published in late 2014 in a special edition of ProAves’ journal Conservacion Colombiana.

Associate Ecological Modeller, ProAves Foundation 06/2011 – 07/2012

  • Revised and prepared databases on point localities compiled as part of the Golden–winged Warbler Alliance by ProAves, calculating error in georeferencing and selecting the most accurate data for modelling.
  • Downloaded and prepared GIS climatic databases to be used in the geographical distribution modelling of the non–breeding grounds of the Golden‑winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera).
  • Modelled using Maxent the distribution of the Golden–winged Warbler using a long series of calibration and validation experiments producing very accurate distribution maps for the species in its non–breeding grounds, as well as projections of its distribution under possible climate change scenarios.
  • Generated using Marxan, CLUZ, Arc View and Arc GIS a series of experiments to select the most important areas for conservation for the Golden–winged Warbler in Colombia and prepared a tentative action plan for the species in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Wrote two articles on the results obtained regarding the distribution and the conservation of the species for issue 18 of Conservacion Colombiana.

Associate Editor, ProAves Foundation 04/2011 – 05/2012

  • Proof read, edited and completed texts and images for the journal Conservacion Colombiana, leading to the publication of issues 14, 15 and 16.

Demonstrator, King’s College, University of London 01/2011 – 03/2011

Research Sub–director, ProAves Foundation 06/2005 – 09/2006

  • Managed and supervised more than 15 students’ undergraduate thesis in the research program on threatened species of ProAves, which included selecting and guiding them through writing their proposal, capturing data in the field and writing reports.
  • Managed the financial allocation of funds for the participants of the ProAves projects.
  • Proof read, edited and managed the design of the first two issues of ProAves journal Conservation Colombiana.
  • Lectured during the “5th Bird Monitoring Techniques Course” in Pangan Reserve.
  • Demonstrated at the “2nd Advanced Ringing Course” organised by ProAves in San Andres Island, which included experienced international trainers from Nicaragua, US, Canada and UK.

Associate Lecturer, Nueva Granada Military University 07/2005 – 01/2006

  • Prepared and lectured theory and laboratory practices for the undergraduate course “Introduction to Evolution” offered to first and second year Applied Biology students.
  • Prepared and marked exams and laboratory reports of the nearly 30 students who took the course.
  • Lectured a small group of four students in “Field Techniques for the Study of Birds” and guided them through writing their proposal, capturing data in the field and writing two articles for the faculty journal.
  • Lectured students of the module “Biodiversity and Conservation” on “Bird Census Techniques” during their one week field trip to Leticia, Amazonas.

Darwin Fellow, Project Biomap – Natural History Museum 05/2002 – 03/2005

  • Visited and collaborated, as part of Project BioMap team, to digitising information on Colombian specimens held in US natural history museums when electronic data was not available.
  • Verified and corrected if necessary in each museum dataset the specimens’ identity to subspecies, locality and information on tag attached.
  • Georeferenced and revised a portion of the localities and data held in the database when all datasets were compiled.
  • Completed with merit a MSc course in “Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management” at King’s College, University of London.
  • Collaborated with news to the BioByte bulletin and translated one issue to Spanish.

Field Ornithologist, CENICAFE 11/1998 – 04/2002

  • Conducted bird surveys and inventories in different types of coffee plantations and remnants of forest in the coffee grown zone of Colombia.
  • Effectively communicated results of our studies in written reports, papers and oral presentations. Collaborated in writing three annual reports, nine papers, and presented talks at the “CENICAFE annual internal meeting” and the “Colombian ornithological meeting” during three consecutive years.
  • Cooperated in writing at least four successful proposals for funding short studies on two threatened bird species in the Andean region of Colombia.
  • Project leader of the Ornithology team conducting the study “First Biodiversity Diagnostic of Manizales”.
  • Formulated, with a colleague, a proposal and developed a consultancy for Los Nevados National Park to prioritise wildlife research and conservation action in its area of influence.
  • Collaborated to supervise five undergraduate students in their final year projects on different aspects of the biodiversity of the region.

Field Ornithologist, Bogota’s Ornithological Association 10/1997 – 10/1998

  • Conducted bird surveys and inventories in three different regions of western Colombia within the study “Effects of Electrical Power Lines on Colombian Birds (Phase II)”. This study evaluated the impact of collision and fragmentation caused by power lines on the birds and was part of several environmental impact studies commissioned by ISAGEN S.A.
  • Assisted in digitising data captured in the field and producing some first initial analyses of the information.


PhD in Geography, King’s College, University of London 09/2006 – 05/2011

  • Thesis entitled “Avifaunal Distribution in Colombia: Current Diversity and Potential Refugia Under Climate Change”.
  • Analysed error in georeferencing with particular regards to bird diversity mapping.
  • Modelled bird diversity in Colombia at supra specific levels using a series of different biodiversity indices, including one ecomorphological index developed in this thesis.
  • Elaborated models in Maxent and Arc GIS using the georeferenced database of Colombian bird specimens compiled by Project BioMap and climatic data.
  • Used my models to look at the potential impacts of climate change during the 21st century for the whole avifauna in Colombia.

MSc in Geography, King’s College, University of London 09/2002 – 12/2004

  • Graduated with merit. Thesis entitled “Bird Species Richness in Colombia: Environmental Controls and Conservation”.
  • Studied the spatial distribution of bird specimens taken from Colombia using GIS and the first versions of the Darwin Database, as well as explored the relationship between bird richness and the available environmental energy.
  • Used LANSAT images to address how deforestation and fragmentation affected La Sierra de La Macarena and areas around in Colombia between 1988 and 2001; using the software ENVI to produce different colour composites, investigate the elements present in the images, and to produce several classifications by unsupervised and supervised methodologies, as well as the software FRAGSTATS to address forest fragmentation in the region.

BSc in Biology, Los Andes University (Bogota) 01/1991 – 03/1997

  • Received a first class degree. Thesis entitled “Nesting Biology of Phaethusa simplex and Sterna superciliaris (Laridae) in the Sandbars of the Duda River, Tinigua NNP, Colombia”.
  • Studied the breeding biology of two continental species of terns documenting the length of their breeding season, parental and chick behaviour, nesting success and interactions with other species in the most northern portion of the Colombian Amazonia, during the first semester of 1996.
  • Participated as research assistant in the project “Plan Charapa” led by Natura Foundation and Cahuinari NNP, aimed to protect, conserve and manage the populations of the Giant South American turtle Podocnemis expansa in the middle Caqueta River, in the central portion of the Colombian Amazonia, during the first semester of 1995.


  • Member of the Neotropical Bird Club.
  • Friend of the British Ornithologists' Club.
  • Founding member of the Colombian Ornithological Association.
  • Registered Professional Biologist at the Colombian Biology Professional Council.
  • Member of the Council (Board of Trustees) of ProAves-Colombia.


  • Apr. 2011. ProAves Foundation. Main researcher, “Geographical Distribution Modelling and Conservation Action Plan for the Golden‑winged Warbler”. Independent research commissioned by ProAves Foundation, with budget £ 13,500, grant of £ 6,000 from ProAves Foundation and £ 7,500 from own funds.
  • Jul. 2006. King’s College, University of London. Main researcher, “Avifaunal Distribution in Colombia: Current Diversity and Potential Refugia Under Climate Change”. PhD research at KCL Geography Department with budget £ 93,000, grant of £ 61,200 from SSPP – KCL, £ 27,600 from the Alβan Programme – EU and £ 4,200 from Robert Giles - a birds conservation enthusiast.


  • 4 major internal institutional meetings, 5 national ornithological meetings (Colombia) and 3 international meetings.
  • 35 papers, 3 theses and 7 major internal reports.


  • Dr. Mark Mulligan. Head of Department, King’s College, University of London. Address: King’s College London, Geography Department, Strand Campus, Bush House North East Wing, Room 6.16, London, WC2B 4BG, United Kingdom. Telephone: +4402078482280. E–mail:
  • Dr. Paul Salaman. Chief Executive Officer, The Rainforest Trust. Address: 7078 Airlie Rd., Warrenton, VA 20187, United States. Telephone: +18004564930. E–mail:
  • Dr. Fernando Cantor. Head of Applied Biology Program, Sciences Faculty, Nueva Granada Military University. Address: Cra.11 # 101–80, Bogotá, Colombia. Correo–e: